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Our primary focus is on Mergers and Acquisitions (buying and selling businesses) but we also provide estate planning services so that your will coordinates with the buy sell agreement that we did for the company.

As an ongoing process, we provide ongoing business consultation. If you are buying, leasing, or selling a real estate, we can help. Mr. Montgomery was board certified (inactive) in both Commercial and Residential real estate. We have helped purchase the then tallest building in Oklahoma City, managed large real estate portfolios, advised mortgage servicing companies, and reviewed and prepared leases for commercial and residential properties.

One of the key things in buying businesses is conducting due diligence and reviewing the marketing of the business. We have experience in buying millions of dollars in business. We also know how to double or more the sales of a business within months of an acquisition. Just ask about our monthly consulting services.

Fees are done on a fixed fee basis almost entirely. We protect your checkbook and even though we fix problems, we also try to make sure you make money from our advice.

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