After buying and selling over $200 Million in businesses in the last six years, as a business owner, former banker, and business attorney, I have seen and solved the major sticking points that most businesses encounter, including getting more customers who will spend more per transaction and buy more often...

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Documents, Links & Other Information


Business Asset Protection Checklist

Municipalities, Builders Can Guard Against Product Liability

Ten Tips for a Successful Construction Contract

Six Steps To Creating Wealth


Legal Links:

Attorney General Opinions

Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer directory

Online publication of recent Texas Supreme Court Opinions.

Links to case law, statutes and other information 

A legal search engine including US Supreme Court cases 

Electric law library on the Internet.

United States Congressional library

Code of Federal Regulations

SEC database of public filings

5th Circuit US Court of Appeals

5th Circuit US Court of Appeals Rules dictionary.html 

Black’s Law Dictionary


Copies of bills introduced in Texas Legislature

Texas Register Search

Background information: 

Department of Public Safety Drivers license information, crime records service

Public Data for background information

General information:

USPS Zip Code Lookup and Address Information

Locate individuals or businesses

Bartlett, Familiar Quotations

The New York Times

Washington Post

CNN Financial

Tax Free Exchanges:

Fidelity National 1031 Exchange Services, Inc.

How We Can Help

  • Buying A Business

    As a San Antonio business attorney firm, we can help you with mergers and acquisitions anywhere which include buying existing businesses, stacking related businesses to increase cash flow, and making sure you are getting what you think you are getting.

  • Exit Strategy

    The strategy for your business is your road map for success – is it a cashflow machine, a sale, family succession, employee stock ownership plan?  We can help you design what you want, not what happens to you.

  • Selling Your Business

    Want to get the best sales price? By installing the six systems that all businesses must have, you can increase your price, increase your sales, decrease the hours you spend in the business, and maybe even just keep the business for cash flow.  Order my book on the six systems by clicking here

  • Financial Trouble

    We can help you chart a course out through negotiating debt settlement, so you can restructure your finances and get on the road to recovery…

  • General Counsel

    We have a set fee arrangement that will meet your budget.  We do not bill by the hour.  Our goal is to help you make more than your investment for our advice.  We have three memberships available:  Regular client, Outside General Counsel, and General Counsel with fixed monthly billing as well as other innovative billing methods.

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