Can you really make money showing an app on your smartphone?

Here is one of my mentors, DeMarr Zimmerman, explaining:


Want to try it out?  I will send you a code for a free account so you can send yourself a card (or someone like your spouse or child).  It is free and there is no obligation.  Send me an email ( and I will send it back or ask me in Facebook chat.  Or if you were referred here by a friend, ask them to send you a code.

When you do the free gift account, the video will walk you through selecting a card, adding a personal thought and mailing the card.  The postage is already paid.

Can you do this?

We have a system set up to attract customers.  You have most likely come here by experiencing it on Facebook.  Part of what we do to support you is give you an easy to follow checklist.  We don’t want you to contact friends and family until they ask you what you are doing.  Our team will literally take you by the hand to find the few people that you need personally to have a successful business.  You decide how large that might be for you.

If you can follow the simple instructions we give you, show the videos you have watched, and send cards and gifts to your friends and family to make them feel good, you have all you need to build a part time business to build your fortune!

Questions, call me at 210-771-1138 or email me at


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