Ultimate Referral System – Ready to Get Started

Ready to get started?  Great, it will take us just a few minutes.

Give me a call at 210-771-1138 or email me at jemmktg@mac.com.

If you want to do it yourself, go to www.sendoutcards.com/25145.

  1.  Click the “Join” button at top right.

2.  Choose either the Personal Package or the Marketing Bundle.  I always recommend the Marketing Bundle because it comes with the handwriting font but choose what suits you.






3.  Assuming you did the marketing package the next page will look like this:

4.  Just below that choose $25 for expense amount.

5.  Now click the plus sign next to Become A Distributor which will bring you to this screen:

I alway recommend becoming a distributor.  We get lots of business who get the Ultimate Referral System.  You can have the potential of getting some of your money back if we put new customers under your distributorship.

6.  Now click continue and fill in your information on the next page, including your tax id.

Make sure that the sponsor id is 25145 unless we have talked and I gave you a different number.  Click the agreement to the terms and then the button “Review and Place Order”.

7.  Call me at 210-771-1138 so we can schedule to upload your contact list and get your card campaigns for birthday, anniversary, thank you, and the ultimate referral system set up quickly.

We can do it face to face or by screen sharing on the internet.  There is also a video that shows how to upload your contacts and create campaigns or saved cards.

Welcome to the Ultimate Referral System!