Together We Can Move The Barn

There’s a story about a farmer in the Midwest who had a barn for a number of years.  Every spring the barn, because of its location in a flood plain, would get flooded.

After doing this year after year, the farmer finally decided that the barn really should be in a different location.  So after thinking about building a new barn and other options, he finally decided to move the barn.

The farmer had two teenage sons who had been taking math in high school and decided that they would figure out how much the barn weighed and if it would be possible to move it.  They calculated how much the barn weighed by figuring out how much each board weighed, and they determined that with the weight of the barn, it would take almost 400 people to lift the weight of the barn.  So they devised a plan to unfix the barn from its foundation and put handles all the way around the barn so that the number of people needed would actually be able to lift the barn.

After deciding that it was certainly worth a try, the family invited their friends and neighbors to come over on a Saturday to help them move the barn.  Saturday came, and instead of just 356 people that they had calculated would be necessary to move the barn, over 4,000 showed up.  The rest of the people were there simply to watch them not move the barn.

So at the appointed time, the people surrounded the barn, everyone grabbing hold of their handle, and on the signal, lifted the barn and walked it several hundred feet over to the new foundation that had been prepared for it.

Together, none of them had to lift a very heavy weight, certainly not more than they could lift.  Together, they moved the barn.

Together we can use this same method to fund local business.  A circle of 1000 can fund $1,000,000 at only $1,000 each.

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