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As a business lawyer in San Antonio, I help business owners to sell and buy businesses faster and for better prices.

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San Antonio Business Lawyer After literally taking business transactions apart in the courtroom for years, clients (and opponents) began asking me to work on the transactions from the beginning to prevent the problems . . .”

 James Montgomery


After buying and selling over $200 Million in businesses in the last five years, as a business owner, former banker, and business attorney, I help business owners to sell and buy businesses faster and for better prices, including getting more customers who will spend more per transaction and buy more often  .  .  .

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San Antonio Business Attorney

Buying a business? As a San Antonio business attorney firm, we can help you with mergers and acquisitions anywhere which include buying existing businesses, stacking related businesses to increase cash flow, and making sure you are getting what you think you are getting.

Looking for an Exit Strategy? The strategy for your business is your road map for success – is it a cashflow machine, a sale, family succession, employee stock ownership plan?  We can help you design what you want, not what happens to you.

Ready to sell your business? Want to get the best sales price? Look for the best business lawyer near San Antonio for advice.  By installing the six systems that all businesses must have, you can increase your price, increase your sales, decrease the hours you spend in the business, and maybe even just keep the business for cash flow.  Order my book on the six systems by clicking here

In financial trouble? We can help you chart a course out through negotiating debt settlement.

What is a Business Law Attorney? Why Do You Need One? Where Can You Find Them?

A small business lawyer provides legal services to their clients in order to help them grow and prosper. They can assist with a wide range of legal needs such as the drafting of contracts, counseling on company structures, and representing you in court if necessary.

There are many different types of business lawyers: corporate lawyers, employment lawyers, intellectual property lawyers and more. A good place to find a lawyer is on the website where you can search for one by location or specialty.

Legal Rights for Business Owners

The legal rights of a business owner can vary by country, but in general, they have the same rights as any other person.

In the United States, a business owner has the right to hire and fire employees, make contracts with other people or companies, and buy or sell assets. The owner also has the right to establish company policies and procedures for employees to follow.

What are the Duties of a Business Lawyer? What Does a Lawyer Do for a Client?

A business lawyer is a person who deals with the legal aspects of a business. A lawyer is a professional who deals with the law and advises others on how to deal with the law.

A lawyer’s job can be divided into two categories: transactional and litigation. A litigation lawyer deals with any lawsuits that might arise from the client’s business dealings, while a transactional lawyer deals with any transactions that occur in the course of running a business.

Lawyers are responsible for many different tasks, but their main responsibility is to ensure that their clients abide by all laws of the land.

Conclusion: Make Sure You Hire the Right Attorney And Take The Necessary Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Company

San Antonio Business Attorney – Former Litigation Specialist

For thirty years, Mr. Montgomery tried cases for plaintiffs and defendants in State and Federal courts from California to Delaware, with Texas as home base. The firm has been the advocate for individuals and small companies as well as companies in the Fortune 100.   Those litigation cases have ranged from representing thousands of homeowners for broken plastic pipe in their homes to oil royalty disputes to breach of confidentiality agreements.

After literally taking business transactions apart in the courtroom for years, clients (and opponents) began asking Jim to work on the transactions from the beginning to try to prevent the problems from ever occurring. In that stance, the firm has helped buyers and sellers in the sales of businesses ranging from large retail stores and manufacturing facilities to insurance agencies.   We have helped clients buy multi-million dollar, multi-story office buildings and negotiate commercial lease agreements.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Buy/ Sell Business -Business Planning

As a San Antonio business law firm, we help design corporate structures and business transactions to increase profit, minimize taxes, and make sure that assets are protected from lawsuits. Through our experience, we have learned where the potholes and sticking points will be.

We believe in long term relationships based on trust.  We believe in regular review and meetings in order to get to know the client’s business and plans in more depth than is possible in the normal “hire a lawyer only when in trouble” mindset.  It costs much more to get you out of trouble than it would cost to keep you out of trouble in the first place.  Unlike most law firms, we rarely bill by the hour.  We believe in fixed fees.


Mr. Montgomery has been named a Super Lawyer in Texas and featured in Texas Monthly.

Lawyer peers have granted Mr. Montgomery a rating of “AV” which is Martindale Hubbell’s (rating agency) highest peer rating for lawyers.

We have presented papers and spoken to audiences that range from service clubs to the State Bar of Texas Continuing Legal Education seminars.

Mr. Montgomery was named Individual Finalist, San Antonio Ethics In Business Award, 2009 by the San Antonio Business Journal.

Ethics in Business Awards