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James Montgomery is a San Antonio-based business lawyer specializing in mergers & acquisitions, wealth planning, wills & trusts, and business real estate. He offers various services, including buying or selling a business, business planning, and online courses on capital and loans. His website features client testimonials, contact information, and a link to schedule a consultation.

“Sell Your Business and Profit” could be a valuable resource for business owners who are serious about selling their business and want to maximize their profits. It appears to offer practical advice and insights from someone with significant experience in the field. However, the mixed reader ratings suggest that the book may not be perfect for everyone.

If you are considering selling your business, this book may be worth exploring.

Key takeaways:

  • Importance of preparation: The book emphasizes that selling a business requires careful planning and preparation to maximize its value.
  • Six key systems: Montgomery identifies six core systems within any business that can be optimized to increase its appeal and selling price to potential buyers.
  • Focus on maximizing value: The author offers insights based on his extensive experience buying and selling businesses, providing strategies to increase a business’s cash flow and overall worth.
  • Knowledge preservation: The book covers how to ensure the business’s institutional knowledge is preserved and effectively transferred to the new owner.
  • Achieving owner goals: The ultimate aim of the book seems to be to guide business owners in achieving their personal and financial goals through a successful business sale.