How many people do you know that have a smartphone? How would you like to make money showing them this cool system and you get paid every time they use it on their phone?

This video is a short demo of how it works recorded by a team member:

I am Jim Montgomery.  My full-time business is buying businesses and advising businesses. My part time business is sending birthday cards and brownies and showing others how to do the same.  My full time business tripled by using this system to thank people for referrals and to touch people on their birthday and other times during the year.  You may have heard of Joe Girard who sold more cars than any other salesman with a similar system.

I always wanted a business that I could easily recommend to people who were looking for a way to do better than their regular full time job, whether teachers, salesmen, or any other business where you trade time for money.

This business meets that bill.  It does not cost as much as you would expect to start a business.  You don’t have to personally find a lot of customers.  We have developed a proven system for locating those customers.  You are probably looking at this page because of that system.  You can do this if you can simply follow the instructions in our system.  You can do this if you will simply send birthday cards to people you care about (or other types of cards).  You can help other people get more in their lives simply by mentoring them on how to do this.

Now you should see how the money works and then I will explain how our customer attraction system works.

Click here to see how the money works . . .

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