Happy New Year!

2016, time to reflect on how you will achieve your goals this year.  Not resolutions but goals.

Have you had your planning session yet?  If not this weekend offers an excellent opportunity.  A pen and notebook, quiet place, and a good drink of your choice.  Mozart is excellent thinking music.

Will 2016 be more of the same?  That might be good but what else will you do?

Here are areas to consider:

Family, more time, protection (review insurance, wills, etc), trips, or just creating memories

God, worship, service to others

Friends, who are supporting you, who hold you back, how to support them better

Financial, how to get income that comes in whether you work or not, how to increase your worth to your clients or employer, how to decrease debt

Remember if you just do the same, the results won’t change.  Aim for the stars!  If you land in the treetop, you still succeed.

Happy New Year! 2016 will be your best so far . . .