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Texas is a 15 minute probate state. What is a probate lawyer? He or she is the lawyer who will advise you how simple the process is in Texas. You literally will appear before the probate judge for 15 minutes or less. In most counties, probates are scheduled at a particular time and you may have to wait 45 minutes or so for your time to appear.

How much does a probate lawyer cost? Depending on the complexity of the deceased’s estate, a few thousand dollars or more. The lawyer makes sure you have all the assets accounted for and properly transferred. The more you do in advance, the less is required at probate and the lower the cost. Probate is not expensive in Texas as it is in states like California, New York and Florida where you should have a living trust.

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It is possible to avoid a dependent administration in an intestate estate, but you will likely need the help of a Texas probate attorney. Once the assets of the estate have been distributed, the personal representative must file a final accounting or affidavit that a final accounting has been done with the court, which must also be sent to each beneficiary.