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Sell Your Business and Profit

How to Sell Your Business for the Highest Possible Price: The Secrets of the Pros

Sell Your Business and Profit: The Secrets of Maximizing Your Sales Price to Achieve Your Dreams by James Montgomery

Sell Your Business and Profit is a book by James Montgomery that provides guidance on how to sell a business for the highest possible price. Montgomery, who has sold and bought over $200 million in businesses, shares his insights on how to prepare your business for sale, market it effectively, and negotiate a favorable price.

The Sell-Your-Business Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Your Financial Dreams

The book is divided into four parts:

  • Part I: Getting Ready to Sell
  • Part II: Marketing Your Business
  • Part III: Negotiating the Sale
  • Part IV: Closing the Deal

In Part I, Montgomery discusses the importance of getting your business ready to sell. He covers topics such as setting a realistic sales price, creating a business valuation, and documenting your business operations.

In Part II, Montgomery provides guidance on how to market your business effectively. He discusses how to create a marketing plan, reach out to potential buyers, and negotiate the sale.

In Part III, Montgomery shares his insights on how to negotiate a favorable price for your business. He covers topics such as understanding the buyer’s motivations, building rapport, and using leverage to your advantage.

In Part IV, Montgomery discusses the closing process and how to ensure that the sale goes smoothly. He covers topics such as drafting the sales agreement, transferring ownership, and closing the deal.

Sell Your Business and Profit is a comprehensive guide to selling a business. Montgomery’s insights are based on his own experience and the experience of other business owners who have successfully sold their businesses. The book is well-written and easy to follow. It is an essential resource for any business owner who is considering selling their business.

The Golden Ticket: How to Sell Your Business for the Highest Possible Price

Here are some of the key takeaways from Sell Your Business and Profit:

  • Get your business ready to sell. This includes setting a realistic sales price, creating a business valuation, and documenting your business operations.
  • Market your business effectively. Create a marketing plan, reach out to potential buyers, and negotiate the sale.
  • Negotiate a favorable price for your business. Understand the buyer’s motivations, build rapport, and use leverage to your advantage.
  • Close the deal smoothly. Draft the sales agreement, transfer ownership, and close the deal.

Sell Your Business and Profit is a valuable resource for any business owner who is considering selling their business. The book is comprehensive, well-written, and easy to follow. It is an essential resource for anyone who wants to maximize the sales price of their business and achieve their financial dreams.

Here are some additional tips for selling your business:

  • Hire a qualified business broker. A business broker can help you market your business, find qualified buyers, and negotiate the sale.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your business. Buyers will want to know about your business’s financial performance, its competitive position, and its future prospects.
  • Be patient. Selling a business can take time. Don’t expect to find a buyer overnight.

Selling a business can be a complex and challenging process. However, with the right preparation and guidance, you can maximize the sales price of your business and achieve your financial dreams.


Act Now! There’s Still Time to Avoid the New IRS Regulations That Might Raise Taxes on Your Family’s Inheritance

Act Now! There’s Still Time to Avoid the New IRS Regulations That Might Raise Taxes on Your Family’s Inheritance


The IRS recently released proposed regulations which effectively end valuation discounts that have been relied upon for over 20 years. If the IRS’s current timetable holds, these regulations may become final as early as January 1, 2017. Although that date isn’t set in stone, I expect that the regulations will be final around that time or shortly thereafter.


With New Regulations Looming, What Should You Do Now?


As I mentioned before, the timetable isn’t set in stone. Luckily, there’s still a narrow window of time to implement “freezing” techniques under current, more favorable law, to save taxes and protect your family’s inheritance.


Depending on your circumstances, some options are going to be a better fit than others, and I want to make sure you get the best outcome possible. Some of these “freezing” techniques involve the use of a family business entity to own and operate your family fortune, in combination with one or more special tax-saving trusts. These plans provide numerous benefits including asset protection, divorce protection, centralized management of assets, and more – in addition to the tax savings.


Unfortunately, these types of plans can take 2-3 months to fully implement and time is running short.

What to do next?  Let’s have coffee and do a free consult on whether this step will help you.



You can start at anytime if you want to be successful. But you have to start. 

You won’t accomplish anything if you wait for all the possible objections to be overcome. Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most. 

Don’t be afraid to live. Don’t wait for things to change. Don’t wait until you have more time, until you are less tired, until you get the promotion, until you settle down, until, until, until. 

Don’t wait for a major event in your life to occur before you begin to live.



High expectation always precedes high achievement. You’re as small as your controlling desires, or as great as your dominant aspirations.

Once your mind stretches to a new idea it never goes back to its original dimensions.

Think little goals and you can expect little achievement. Think big goals and you’ll win big success. The first ingredient of your success is to dream a great dream.

You must dream big and think big to be big.



The world is primarily constituted on the basis of harmony.  Everything works in cooperation with something else. 

Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows. 

Put yourself in another’s place. Only then will you know why they think and do certain things. Once you understand how quickly people will grant your requests when those requests appeal to their self interest, you can have practically anything you go after. 

It’s through cooperation, not conflict, that you’ll achieve your greatest success.




When you’re sure you’re on the right road to success you don’t have to plan your journey too far ahead.

Don’t burden yourself with doubts and fears as to the obstacles that may bar your progress.

You don’t need to know all your answers in advance. Just have a clear idea of the goal you want to reach.

You can only take one step at a time. If you can muster up the courage to begin, you’ll find the courage to succeed.

It’s the job you never start that always takes the longest to finish.

Eighty percent of success is in showing up.



The first rule of success, and one that supersedes all others, is to have energy.

It’s important to know how to concentrate it. Focus your energy on important matters instead of frittering it away on meaningless things.

Nothing will add more power to your life then concentrating all your energies on a limited set of goals.

You must focus the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve if you truly want to be successful.

Gather in your resources, rally all your faculties, marshal all your energies, focus all your capacities upon attaining your objectives.

You must be single minded, and drive for the things you have decided upon.

The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.



At any time you can decide to alter the course of your life. 

No one can ever take that away from you. 

You can do what you want to do and be who you want to be. 

Nature is constantly at work around you. Character and destiny are her handiwork. She gives you love and hate, jealousy and reverence. 

You have the power to choose which impulse you follow. 

While your character is formed by your circumstances, your desires can shape those circumstances. The one thing over which you have absolute control are your own thoughts. 

It is this that puts you in a position to control your own destiny. 

Your greatest power is the power to choose.

Escaping The Corporate Cubicle

Escaping The Corporate Cubicle

Have you ever felt like you were trapped?

Trapped in the corporate cubicle…trapped in a job you may not enjoy…trapped doing something that consumes your life and is not getting you to your goals?

One of our mentors shared this story recently….

“I worked in corporate consulting in a forty-five story office building in New York City. I thought I had it made. I worked 60 hours a week, got 15 days of vacation a year and had a nice manager title, nice benefits and great people I worked with…

…but I felt trapped. I felt like the goals I really wanted in life were slipping away as I worked my tail off each week in the cubicle.

I had an aha-moment the day I shared my dream with one of my corporate mentors, who patted me on the shoulder and said: ‘The only security you will ever have in life is what you create for yourself’.

Reflecting on his powerful comment as I walked back to my cubicle, I understood that to achieve what I wanted long term, I had to prepare and condition myself mentally and emotionally, toughen up my belief and confidence, and bullet-proof my vision with the right skill sets and action steps for this new business and life direction.”

So how do you escape the corporate cubicle?

It all starts with a desire like my mentor above.

Then it takes ACTION.

You actually have to make a plan to get yourself out of that Rat Race and follow up with it.

Here is a list of some of the things you should have on your “Action Plan”

  1. Find an opportunity or business that you are going to start. Do your research and make sure that it is something you will enjoy doing but not only that…something that actually makes money. Too many times people embark on opportunities because it sounds fun…but they soon find the financial rewards were not as great as they thought in the beginning.Look at other successful people in that opportunity and find out what they are doing and how much they are making and importantly what they had to do to get there. Not all opportunities are equal. Pick one that is growing and will give you the opportunity to rise up with it.
  2. Create a business plan. Put realistic goals and expectations. You are in this for the long run. With a good opportunity it may take you a few years or more to get to the point where you can quit that job forever…but realize when you do YOU ARE FREE! So make a long-term business plan. People who fail, usually don’t have a business plan and they think success should be instant.
  3. Fill your mind with POSITIVE information and teachings. Read Thank and Grow Rich and As a Man Thinketh. Listen to the teachings of Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Earl Nightengale, Denis Waitley, and Dale Carnegie to name a few. Let them become your coaches and mentors.
  4. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! Decide what you want to do and GO FOR IT! Find the time in your life even if you are super busy. Work on your new business during your lunch hour, early in the morning, late at night. Find the time. You can do it because you know the rewards will be worth it.A few years of time sacrifice will be worth it when you break out of the cubicle and live a life of freedom!

It is very possible to reach your goals and escape the Rat Race if you really want it. Sure there will be bumps in the road and it may not always turn out exactly like you wanted and you may have to change courses a few time.

…but if you stay the course, work hard, and never quit… You will be rewarded.

Remember the day you walk away from your job and are carrying your box of personal items out to your car…not because you were fired or laid off…

…but because you QUIT!

(Don’t forget to have someone take pictures of you with your box of stuff as you walk to your car…it will be part of your story!)

If you are looking for a great opportunity that can help YOU escape the cubicle, watch the video below and see what I’m doing.

Watch This Video

…and follow the simple steps. It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.

To your success,

Jim Montgomery

San Antonio Business Law

The Monkey Story – Developing Procedures

The Monkey Story

It seems that there was a research project in which the scientists used four monkeys, a ladder and a banana. They put the four monkeys in a room with the ladder and put the banana on top of the ladder.

As monkeys will, the first monkey smelled the banana and started up the ladder. When he got half way up, the scientists turned on a water cannon filled with ice cold water. The cannon knocked the first monkey off the ladder and then iced down the other three monkeys. The monkeys huddled in the room shivering from the cold bath.

After a while, once the monkeys had warmed up, a second monkey smelled the banana and started up the ladder. Again, the water cannon came on, knocked her off the ladder and iced down the other monkeys for good measure.

When the third monkey started to go up the ladder for the banana, the other three monkeys grabbed him and beat the “you know what” out of the errant monkey. The scientists were quite surprised to see that behavior. They decided to introduce a new element into the experiment.

One of the monkeys was removed from the room and replaced by a new monkey. Before long, the new monkey smelled the banana and headed up the ladder. Sure enough, the other three monkeys grabbed the new monkey pulled her down and beat the tar out of her.

The scientists again replaced one of the first group of monkeys and the scenario repeated itself. They kept replacing monkeys until all of the original monkeys who had been iced down were gone.

When the new monkey went for the banana, guess what happened?  That’s right, the rest of the monkeys taught the new monkey not to go for the banana!  And none of them knew why they did it any more!

Is this how procedures are developed at your business?

Need help?  Call us at 210-690-3700 for a free no obligation consultation.  Get twice as much for your business or fire yourself and keep the money coming.